Proudly Made in Canada. 2386357 Ontario Inc. Operating as Communication Mask

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Proudly Made in Canada. 2386357 Ontario Inc. Operating as Communication Mask

  • Non-Medical Grade Washable Reusable Clearmask, Communication Mask, Lipreading Mask allows full facial visibility.

    Our Fully Visible Communication Mask

    Comfort, Function & Style all wrapped into one beautiful mask design that offers incomparable quality and workmanship. Hand Made in Canada. Washable and Reusable...

  • Kids Communication Mask

    Designed for soft little faces to show their bright smiles. Quality, comfort and lots of fun prints.

Welcome to the Home of Communication Mask.

ALL OF OUR MASKS ARE NON-MEDICAL GRADE. Please read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this message.

What is different about our masks?  The answer is simple;  FIT , QUALITY, COMFORT.  Communication Mask was born when a need was identified in our community.  There are many people who need to read lips in order to understand a person who is communicating with them.  Our Communication Masks have bridged that gap between interaction and learning through communication. Our masks have been designed to hug the face well.  The clear plastic window sits away from the mouth, curving out to allow the breath to circulate and funnel out. Our Communication Masks and Fully Visible Masks do not touch the mouth, so there is no movement when you speak or breathe.  They are lightweight and comfortable.  Our masks are made to last through many wears and washings. They are simple to wash and care for.

From there, we have expanded to manufacturing regular cotton masks for families, providing excellent fit, offering three sizes for children, and for adults we have come as far as offering three sizes, with the additions of the "Tall" fit and the "Wide & Tall" fit, both of which are in great need.  Our newest Collection is the Fully Visible Mask, which is our ultimate in visual achievement, allowing for maximum mouth and facial expression viewing of it's wearer. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to serving you.

Try the Authentic Communication Mask Line of Products and Experience The Difference.  You will not be disappointed.  

DISCLAIMER: Our masks are NOT medical-grade and in no way supersede the need to follow other government or health unit recommendations for measures to stop the public spread of any viruses, including washing and disinfecting your hands, practicing social distancing, and others. Please read our full Disclaimer Page accessible from the Menu Bar


The use of clear masks, also known as communication masks, smile masks and transparent masks has greatly increased because of the barriers that cloth masks have caused for the deaf, hearing impaired and hard of hearing communities.

The Use of Clear Masks