Proudly Made in Canada. 2386357 Ontario Inc. Operating as Communication Mask

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Proudly Made in Canada. 2386357 Ontario Inc. Operating as Communication Mask

Welcome to the Home of Communication Mask.

ALL OF OUR MASKS ARE NON-MEDICAL GRADE. Please read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this message.

What is different about our masks?  The answer is simple;  FIT , QUALITY, COMFORT.  Communication Mask was born when a need was identified in our community.  There are many people who need to read lips in order to understand a person who is communicating with them.  Our Communication Masks have bridged that gap between interaction and learning through communication. Our masks have been designed to hug the face well.  The clear plastic window sits away from the mouth, curving out to allow the breath to circulate and funnel out. Our Communication Masks do not touch the mouth, so there is no movement when you speak or breathe.  They are lightweight and comfortable.  Our masks are made to last through many wears and washings. They are simple to wash and care for.

From there, we have expanded to manufacturing regular cotton masks for families, providing excellent fit, offering three sizes for children, and for adults we offer three sizes, with the additions of the "Tall" fit and the "Wide & Tall" fit, both of which are in great need.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to serving you.

Try the Authentic Communication Mask Line of Products and Experience The Difference.  You will not be disappointed.  


Our masks have NOT been approved for use by any level of government or health organization, including Health Canada, the FDA or NIOSH.  Our masks are NOT medical-grade and in no way supersede the need to follow other government or health unit recommendations for measures to stop the public spread of any viruses, including washing and disinfecting your hands, practicing social distancing, and others.  We make no claims of antimicrobial or antiviral protection, particle filtration, or infection prevention or reduction through the use of our masks.  If you choose to use a non-medical face mask, it is best to wash your hands immediately before putting it on, avoid touching your face while wearing it, wash your hands immediately after taking it off and wash it after each wear. Our masks are not intended for children under two years of age and all children should be under adult supervision while wearing masks.  Anyone who has breathing difficulties or is unable to remove the mask without help should not wear our masks.  Please regularly monitor recommendations set out by the government health authorities in your jurisdiction.  Our products are manufactured and shipped from Canada.  If you make a purchase from our website from outside of Canada, it is your responsibility to check for compliance with your own government requirements and recommendations. 

Although the Government of Canada recommends that non-medical grade face masks be made of breathable materials, it does address the wearing of clear face masks (i.e. masks with a plastic panel) in limited circumstances (i.e. if one is interacting with hearing impaired people who use lip-reading to communicate). COVID-19: Non-medical masks and face coverings - is a link to the Government of Canada’s website on the matter.


Stylish Clear Face Masks

“If you have to wear them, you might as well look good in them.”

 Wearing masks is generally not enjoyable, but for those times when you must wear them, why not use it as an opportunity to express your own personal style through the vast selection of stylish clear face mask options we offer at Communication Mask. Investing a little personal style in your clear face mask / wardrobe coordination can go a long way as far as making the best out of the situation and feeling good about how you look.  Many fashion and style conscious people suffer through the seasons of community mask requirements and feel as though the personal enjoyment they experience through their daily wardrobe coordinating and accessorizing has to be put on hold until they are through the mask season, and then life can resume, but here we do not believe that needs to be the case at all.  We have invested much into working style, function and comfort into our clear face mask designs so that our customers can experience as much enjoyment as possible during these seasons.  Our variations range from classic solid clear face masks, to printed cotton clear face masks and even a selection of stunning batik clear face masks. 

It is refreshing to see the new lively clear face mask colors and prints available, and it really does give them an entirely new look. I have recently noticed more people ordering soft clear mask colors and bright clear mask colors, and less people ordering the basic black and grey.  I think people are ready to be a little bit more expressive with their clear face masks and go for a bit of style and personal expression.  It’s refreshing to see a smile again when in public, but how much more when a “Stylish Clear Face Mask” is worn and used as a functional fashion accessory to compliment one’s wardrobe rather than hiding one's personal style.  Let’s show our smiles again.

Clear Face Mask Designs

There are many variations of clear face masks on the market today.  Some other common names used for clear face masks are “communication masks”, “lip reading masks” and “transparent masks”.  All are names to describe a mask with a clear plastic panel or window that shows the mouth of the wearer.  Some of these clear face masks are well designed and some are not.  The problem with there being so many poorly designed clear face masks available is the effect it has on the consumer.  Those who have purchased one or several different clear face masks only to be disappointed with the functionality of them, are likely to tell others that clear face masks are not good, that you cannot wear them for long periods of time, that you cannot talk in them, breathe in them and that overall you cannot function in them. 

The most common questions that I have heard consumers ask before purchasing one of our clear face masks are; “Will the plastic move and suck in when I speak or breathe?”, “Is there a way of ventilation?”, ”Will the plastic touch my mouth?”,  “The last lip reading mask I purchased just stuck to my face and I couldn’t talk or breathe.”  The fact that people are asking these questions really is an indication of a problem with many of the clear face masks on the market.  In general, it can be assumed that either they have already purchased a clear face mask and are skeptical and hesitant to spend any more money on yet another attempt to find a well-designed , functional clear face mask, or they have heard someone else’s story of their own negative experience with a clear face mask purchase. This is unfortunate for two reasons; firstly, consumers should be able to trust manufacturers of lip reading masks to provide a quality, functional product in exchange for the money paid by the consumer, and secondly, there are many people who are in great need of well-designed clear face masks, and these poorly designed clear face mask variations really act as a barrier in the pursuit of a good clear face mask for these individuals. 

At Communication Mask we have worked hard to design a highly functional, comfortable-to-wear clear face mask; a mask that does not “suck in” when you speak or breathe, a clear face mask that does not stick to your face, a clear face mask that allows you to communicate, interact and read each other’s lips effectively.  We hope you enjoy the difference.

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