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Proudly Made in Canada. 2386357 Ontario Inc. Operating as Communication Mask

Two Are Better Than One - How to Wear a Clear Face Mask for the Day

Elizabeth Dobie

Posted on April 01 2021

Two Are Better Than One - How to Wear a Clear Face Mask for the Day
Clear face masks are great; there’s no question about that. They do however pose a few challenges that do not arise with wearing cloth masks. First thing to note is the evident benefit of facial visibility and allowance for lip reading and reception of facial expressions which are otherwise hidden by cloth masks. These attributes are most felt and appreciated by the hearing impaired communities, but there has recently been many segments of the community that are discovering the social and relational benefits of wearing clear face masks.
In this article I am not going to focus on the benefits of clear face masks, but on the two challenges associated with wearing clear masks and how to easily deal with them.
The first challenge is the fogging. Now there are anti-fog films manufactured and on the market, but the anti-fog coatings wash off with a few, or even just a single washing, which makes them more suited for disposable, single-use clear face masks. Our clear face masks are washable and reusable so an anti-fog treatment must be applied manually for each wear. If untreated, the inside of the plastic panel will fog up from breathing and speaking. This is very easily dealt with. There are a number of anti-fog sprays that can be applied and many other products that can be used are already in every household. The best that I have used is shampoo – try to find a chemical free or scent free depending on your sensitivity level. Simply rub a few drops onto the inside of the panel to coat the entire surface, leave it to sit for a half a minute, then wipe it off dry –no water- with a dry microfiber cloth. This will give one to three hours of fog free wear.
Another common issue with clear face masks is condensation inside the mask. All masks collect moisture when worn for a while. Even cloth masks become moist and have to be changed several times throughout the day. The best way to deal with this is to simply go prepared. If you plan on wearing your clear face mask for prolonged periods, it is best to go prepared with two or more clear face masks. Set off for your day with two or even three clear masks fog –treated and ready to wear. Depending on the climate of your environment and the amount of speaking you have to do, you may, after some time feel your clear mask getting a little hot or stuffy inside. That is the time to switch masks. This is not the same as fogging. It is the precursor to condensation. You should switch masks before the condensation happens because once it does, your anti-fog treatment will become reduced and may need to be redone. So set your current mask aside and put on your next while allowing the first to air out. Condensation can be reduced by making sure your clear face mask is properly vented.
Our Fully Visible Communication Mask/Clear Face Mask has spacers on each side that lift the plastic off the cheeks to allow for the exchange of air. When you exhale a strong breath, you should be able to feel your warm air blow onto your ears. If you do not, you need to adjust your mask by slightly curling the plastic on each side to curve out a bit allowing for a slightly larger opening.
Take care that your hair is not blocking the side vents.
We hope you enjoy your new Fully Visible Communication Mask / Clear Face Mask.
Remember to show your smile.

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